Saturday, January 12, 2013


Is anyone still out there?

I took a much needed hiatus for the birthday/holiday/crazy work day/more holiday/birthday party mania that was known as December.

There isn't anything too crazy that happened. But, I DID learn one thing....

If I can ever help it (as in, it will never be planned, it is to be serendipity) I will never have another November/December/January baby again. Between the birthday and birthday party I have never been so stressed. Not to mention the holidays and the parties and dinners and celebratory things that go along with them. Ay!

Anywho, I do have a photo dump for all of you as well as a resolution!

Are ya ready?
Let's go!

First up is the Cake Smash Photo Shoot:

Then there was the Birthday/Birthday Party:

So there you have it!

Until next time...


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