Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moe Currently

Listening: To Teen Mom - I know, I know. But I am addicted!

Eating: Nothing - and my tummy just growled, perhaps I should change that

Drinking: Water! Life of the breastfeeding mama!

Wearing:Sweat pants and a tank top. Uniform of choice after working 10 hours

Feeling: Exhausted! These summer days are killing me and it's only just begun

Wanting: To take a nap! But if I fall asleep now I will not want to get up

Needing: To make dinner - but I have no clue what to make!

Thinking: About the vacation we are (finally!!!) taking to San Francisco at the end of August - I just need to book the hotel

My View: 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Where I've Been

We have been doing a whole lot of this:

And this:
And this:

And some of this, too:

Summertime means a super busy working mama. Summer is the busiest time for my store. Hot weather brings in slews of thirsty people. And my place is great choice. Being so busy has propelled my store to one of the best in the company!
Anywho..... It has been more than quiet around this little ol' blog of mine. Here is an update:
On Mama - like I said, I have been way busy with work. After a ten-twelve hour day I am dead tired. But as I am sure some of you know when you are a working mom you never stop. I swear, sometimes even while I sleep I can feel myself making checklists in my head. Other than that I have been alright. I stopped running because I felt like I wasn't progressing fast enough. Now, before you guys say anything I know i was playing a head game with myself so I will be going back tomorrow. I have been eating a lot better so I do feel good about that. I have been struggling with some things but I will leave that for later posts.

On my Bird - she is still growing like crazy. She has been eating solids for a few weeks now. She was eating rice cereal but then she got constipated (totes not fun). Needless to say: no more rice cereal. She does like apples, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, rotini amongst other things I cannot think of at the moment. As far as other milestones....she does this army crawl and she is starting to pull up to herself up to her knees so I can only going to assume crawling will be attending coming soon! The other day Papa said she was trying to pull herself up to standing in the bathtub....sigh.

 Tomorrow she (finally) has her six month appointment so I will be posting stats very soon!
I hope all is well with you!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mom Fail

As much as I love my girl sometimes she really gets to me. I have posted before about patience and I think I have really gotten better about since the Monster has come to be

Today I lost it.

No, I did NOT get all crazy and violent my Little maybe I did yell.

You see, last Monday Aubrey was in the worst mood. Nothing made her happy: boob, Yo Gabba Gabba, a Baby Mum Mum,  Gymboree, a nap, a new butt, toys - NOTHING. And I managed to make it through the day.

Yet today or yesterday rather, seeing as how it is 12 a.m. California time and I am just now starting to be tired enough to fall asleep, I lost it.

She woke up like this:
Happy, smiley, goofy
And then all Hell broke loose. She didn't go down for her morning nap until 10:30  and usually she is down between nine and ten. And it all went downhill from there.

Around 4 we headed to LAX to meet up with a friend during her layover and Aubrey was just fine until we hit the 105 which is literally right down the way from the airport....oh. my. god. I prayed we would make it. 

Nope. The epic screaming began. It was the kind of cry where she was crying so hard that she would open her mouth and no sound would come out. You see, normally I would just pass it off but she had been fussing alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll day. I literally couldn't even put her down to pee. 

I was getting off the freeway and it happened...."AUBREEEEEEEEEY, THAT IS ENOUGH."


My heart broke as I watched her face. Her eyes wide with confusion. My head  heart shattered with the next cry. I barely managed to make it into the parking structure without losing it. I had to get out of my car. And after what seemed like 10 minutes (it was only about a minute) I finally opened the door and the kid was still screaming. 

Frantically, I hopped into the backseat and offered her a boob and thankfully she took it. But after that? More fussing. I almost wanted to text my friend and tell her we didn't make it and drive the hour and fifteen minutes back home. 

I didn't.

I strapped her into her carrier and off we went.
Mind you, she was only like this for five minutes.....

We met up with my friend just as she was coming out of the terminal and you would think the story would end happily ever after right? Wrong. So, so, so wrong. 

What is going on here? What happened to my little girl? And, who is this little Monster that I have suddenly found that is dressed up as my daughter? 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Monster Photos

"Gosh Mum, do we really have to do this again?"

"I'm gonna get ya!"

"My favorite toy as of late"

As you can tell, I am still obsessed with my girl!
Happy half birthday my little Love!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My Dearest Aubrey Rose,

Today you are six months old; time has flown by. Six months ago at this time they were wheeling me into the recovery room and I was pumped full of adrenaline, just itching to be able to hold you. You were so tiny and so observant. You didn't cry very much after you came out. I like to think it was because Papa was singing Three Little Birds to you - you were (and still are!) the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

Today I have been feeling all kinds of emotions about your 1/2 year birthday. Thankfully I had to work so I was able to keep busy and not think about it for too long. But of course, all of my customers asked about you today and I couldn't help but tear up every time I told them what today was and that we were going to be starting you on rice cereal. Every mum just smiled that knowing smile and said I know how you feel  and then they would start in on their own stories about their little ones.


There simply aren't enough words to say what the past six months have meant to me, let alone the past 15 months since I found out you existed. You have changed my life in so many different ways and I cannot thank you enough for that. That's not to say that I had a horrible life prior to you but that you have enriched my life and shown me how to look at the world with fresh eyes. Whenever you see something new or make a new discovery your little eyes just light up. I cannot thank you enough for showing me that regardless of what terrible things are going on in the world this place we live in is still incredibly magical.

Please don't get me wrong, a midst all of the beauty and wonder and fabulous moments we have had some tough times. Just yesterday nothing I did made you happy and when you finally took a nap I cried in the bathroom and begged Papa to come home. But I still love you and all of those tough moments have taught me that I need to work on my patience.

You have your six month well baby appointment soon and I can't wait to see what your stats are!

I have so much more to say but I can see you peeking up at me, you just woke up from your nap.
Aub at Gymboree!

I love you more than you will ever, ever know.


Sunday, June 3, 2012


Guys, my daughter is about to turn six months old.
Six. Months. Old.
How is this even possible?
Gosh, I still feel like it was a couple of days ago that we decided to have a baby and that it was only yesterday that we found out I was pregnant. Someone please explain how my little Aubrey Rose (Little Monster) is three days shy of six months.
I have been emotional about this 1/2 year birthday. I keep thinking about how fast this year is going by and how hard the first three months are and how it seems like I miss out on so much now that I am back at work. 
On one hand I would give just about anything to be able to stay home with her but on the other hand I am often reminded that it can be healthy for me to work. I guess, as a happy medium I wish that I had a night time job so I could be with Aub during the day and I also wish I didn't have to work so hard. 

Anyway. So, yeah, Aubrey is turning six months old. Gah, it almost (ALMOST) makes me think about the next one. But then she throws a tantrum and I wanna pull my hair out at the thought of even getting knocked up again. 
Ah, mommyhood.
Until next time,


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