Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clean Up in Aisle 4

Tissues, please!
Sunday we went to register at Babies R' Us. We arrived at the mecca for little monsters around 11:30. We sat down with the registry lady who asked some questions and took down some information. Then came Panda's favorite part...she handed over the magical scanner. You should have seen his face, you would have thought he was just handed the worlds best video game controller for the ultimate round of Call of Duty - he was that excited! We were given a map of the store, for real,as well as a "baby must-haves" list and we were sent on our merry way into the world of baby.

So off we went, following the signs and we first landed in infant feeding, aka, breast pumps galore! There were 20 different brands. There were starter kits, accessory kits, breast pads, storage bags, oh my! I had remembered that Lashinoh (?) was a highly recommended brand so "beep beep beep" went the scanner.

Next was the bath time section with baby tubs and wash cloths and shampoo and towels. That's where things were a little bit overwhelming - do we get the basic tub or the baby "spa" complete with mini jets and bubble makers? There was a hesitant beep or two and then that's when things got a little scary. How do we know which is best? After a couple of minutes I decided it was best to move on...

On to baby proofing, that is! That was fairly easy, we basically scanned one of everything!

Next stop.....strollers! Seriously, there were 25 different strollers sitting on display! 25!!! What the hell were they trying to do? If the answer was: scare the poor first time parents - they win! I am not going to lie....this was where I really started to get anxious. What brand do we try? Do we want the stroller or the travel system? Is expensive better? Do we really need all of the bells and whistles? Of course the first one Panda goes for is the mac daddy...with shocks and lights and a space for your mp3 player with speakers...just kidding, sort of. We found this stroller/travel system by Baby Trend that we both liked the appearance of. Of course we wanted to try it out so we pulled it down and started playing with it. I liked the ease of pushing and steering it and the fact that it didn't look like the traditional stroller. We tried to take the car seat part off and that's where the fun began. We must have looked super lame standing in the aisle with my purse acting as the baby as we tried, at first gently and the quite forcefully to "get the baby out." When we finally realized that there were 2 buttons we had to push I could feel it starting to happen....

"If I can't get my baby purse out of the claws of the stroller and safely into the car, what kind of mother would I be?"

"I must be a horrible mother...."


Panda scanned it.

Next up was carriers. There was another couple in that aisle which got my heart pumping a little bit. Do we look like a couple of idiots? We must look like we haven't the slightest clue what we are doing! How are we going to get this accomplished?

I took one look at the BabyBjorn and Moby wrap section and thought I was going to pass out. The girl half of the couple was standing right in my way and seemed like she knew what she was doing.


You may be asking "well, silly, why didn't you ask for advice?"

Because Moe is too damn proud/stubborn/easily embarrassed.

Skipped that aisle.

Next stop: diapers...this is where the fun begins, for real!

I turned the corner and saw the 10 different brands. That was enough. I lost it. Tears quickly filled my eyes and ran down my cheeks. I started quietly sobbing as I stared at this baby butt covers...I had wanted to do cloth diapering but everyone I told criticized the idea, now I was faced with all of these choices. Panda caught the silent scene and pulled me in for a hug. He asked what was wrong and I said how I was going to be a horrible Mum because I didn't know what I was doing. I said our baby would hate us because I didn't know what was best for it. I asked him why we thought this was a good idea.I started hyperventilating.....

God, am I lame!

Panda intervened and whisked me out of the diaper section and into the gliders and rocking chairs. He offered to buy me Rubios because I wanted tacos (he really listens well).

As quickly as the tears came on the giggle suppressed them and we returned our scanner and walked out.

Needless to say it was super overwhelming - how do women do this?

Am I the only one who cries in Babies R' Us?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

16 weeks

Dear Lil' Monster,

We have made to 16 weeks! It never ceases to amaze me just how much people are excited for your arrival! I know I say this all of the time but you will be surrounded by so much love when you enter this world.

It is only about 3 and a half weeks until we find out just what you are! My friend Casse is obsessed with the idea of going to Fetal Focus for a 3d ultrasound so we can found out before our actual appointment in July. Daddy thinks that the photos look funny, so I think I will wait. It is hard to wait though, I must admit. I want to start decorating and buying little boy or girl things. I want to start the nursery and get everything ready for you! I think Daddy can sense my impatience because we are going to start registering at Target and Babies R' Us tomorrow. I want to hit up Ikea as well but we will have to see just how tired I get.

Speaking of Daddy...he is so in love with you, baby. Everyday he looks at and rubs my belly, he loves to talk to you and I am sure that you can feel him pressing his ear up against your little home. I can feel you moving around in there; you squirm and you wiggle around. I think that Daddy is a little bit jealous of that fact but I have told him that soon enough you will be able to kick him when he presses on you too hard.

It has been really hot around here and I have been worried about getting too warm because I don't want you to fry in there. So today after work I made Daddy go to Lowe's and buy an air conditioner to use during the daytime. Fortunately it cools off in the evening so we won't have to spend an arm and a leg in electricity (Mum is a frugal little lady!). Today when we were a Lowe's we saw a little girl hugging on her mama and Daddy had the biggest smile on his face. I could just tell that he can't wait to have you in his arms and show you what the world is about.

I only have one small request to ask of you, baby. Please stop making me want to eat Cup of Soup and Top Ramen! I know you don't know this but that stuff is soooo bad for us! You have me eating one at least once a day....can't we crave a salad instead? It's ok, I forgive you.

So far we have gained 12 pounds in our 16 weeks together. I know that gaining weight is part of our journey but it is a little bit hard for me to accept the changes in my body. Fortunately the only things that really changed are my boobs, my ever expanding belly and my wider hips. People keep telling me that I will likely end up being all belly but its a hard pill to swallow sometimes. I miss going to the gym 4 or 5 times a week and pushing myself to the limit. Now I am so tired I can barely make it 3 times a week.

Anyway, it is time to have dinner. Daddy grilled us some hamburgers and we are having salad and I think I am going to sneak a couple of potato chips

I know I suck at this blogging thing and I feel horribly that I haven't been taking better care of documenting our journey together...I will make better effort to keep up!

I love you, Lil' Monster.



Tuesday, June 14, 2011

oh man...i cannot believe its been a couple of weeks since my last update. lets do a mini recap:

- i will be 15 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

i have belly!

- we have had one dating and scanning ultrasound

- we have had one ultrasound for genetic testing

- i am finally starting to feel better physically.

- i have visited a maternity store

i bought 4 bras and ooh and ahh'd over every little thing

- so far we have 2 baby showers being planned

i didnt realize how excited everyone is about this baby

- i really think this baby is a boy

but i still havent had a single dream about the kid

- i swear to the universe that i can feel this little monster move

if i sit really still or lay on my side i can feel this little flutter. it feels like he's trying to get comfy. he goes nuts after i eat. i cannot wait until the movement becomes more noticeable, i think Panda is a little jealous though he tries to play it off.

- i eat every 2 hours and if i dont....oh boy, you better run for cover!

- i crave: cold fruit, and cup of soup (i eat one once a day, talk about sodium...)

- i am considering cloth diapers and everyone is trying to talk me out of it....

..........thats all i can think of at the moment. hopefully tomorrow i will be able to post the pix of the second ultrasound and my belly but for now i must get to sleep because i have to be up at 3:45



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