Monday, April 8, 2013

16 Months

It has been a long, long while since I have updated. Truthfully, there just wasn't any energy in me to sit here and pound away at the keys of this old laptop. But, here we are, the baby  toddler is napping and I have an teeny bit of energy to discuss what's going on with my beautiful bird.

My darling Aubrey Rose,

You have been 16 months for three days now. Where do I even go from here?

You have been walking for a good bit of time and I can tell you are on the brink of running. This both excites and terrifies me because you are already pretty quick! 

You babble almost constantly. You don't have many words just yet, "Bruce," is still your favorite word and has become the word for any dog that crosses your path. You can say dada and you will say mama only when you are upset.

Helping feed the Bruces

You are pretty good about following direction. You love to "help" us with whatever we are doing. However....we are getting to the time out stage in your life. In reality, you rarely get put into time out. But when you do it's not the prettiest part in our day. But, once your time is up (1 minute) you get up and give us a hug and kiss.

Speaking of hugs and kisses you love to give them. That is my favorite part of the day when I come home and can always guarantee that you will stop whatever you are doing and give me a hug and kiss. You even pat my back. It is one of the sweetest things you do. 

The other night it struck me that you are now an for real toddler. After I snapped this photo:

You are incredibly bright. You are the best thing that has truly ever happened to me.
 I love you.
 I love you.
 I love you. 


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