Monday, June 25, 2012

Where I've Been

We have been doing a whole lot of this:

And this:
And this:

And some of this, too:

Summertime means a super busy working mama. Summer is the busiest time for my store. Hot weather brings in slews of thirsty people. And my place is great choice. Being so busy has propelled my store to one of the best in the company!
Anywho..... It has been more than quiet around this little ol' blog of mine. Here is an update:
On Mama - like I said, I have been way busy with work. After a ten-twelve hour day I am dead tired. But as I am sure some of you know when you are a working mom you never stop. I swear, sometimes even while I sleep I can feel myself making checklists in my head. Other than that I have been alright. I stopped running because I felt like I wasn't progressing fast enough. Now, before you guys say anything I know i was playing a head game with myself so I will be going back tomorrow. I have been eating a lot better so I do feel good about that. I have been struggling with some things but I will leave that for later posts.

On my Bird - she is still growing like crazy. She has been eating solids for a few weeks now. She was eating rice cereal but then she got constipated (totes not fun). Needless to say: no more rice cereal. She does like apples, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, rotini amongst other things I cannot think of at the moment. As far as other milestones....she does this army crawl and she is starting to pull up to herself up to her knees so I can only going to assume crawling will be attending coming soon! The other day Papa said she was trying to pull herself up to standing in the bathtub....sigh.

 Tomorrow she (finally) has her six month appointment so I will be posting stats very soon!
I hope all is well with you!

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