Sunday, June 3, 2012


Guys, my daughter is about to turn six months old.
Six. Months. Old.
How is this even possible?
Gosh, I still feel like it was a couple of days ago that we decided to have a baby and that it was only yesterday that we found out I was pregnant. Someone please explain how my little Aubrey Rose (Little Monster) is three days shy of six months.
I have been emotional about this 1/2 year birthday. I keep thinking about how fast this year is going by and how hard the first three months are and how it seems like I miss out on so much now that I am back at work. 
On one hand I would give just about anything to be able to stay home with her but on the other hand I am often reminded that it can be healthy for me to work. I guess, as a happy medium I wish that I had a night time job so I could be with Aub during the day and I also wish I didn't have to work so hard. 

Anyway. So, yeah, Aubrey is turning six months old. Gah, it almost (ALMOST) makes me think about the next one. But then she throws a tantrum and I wanna pull my hair out at the thought of even getting knocked up again. 
Ah, mommyhood.
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  1. I always had a hard time with the 6 month birthday. I hate how the time just flies sooo fast

  2. It is so hard. There are so many different emotions running through me. Today is her actual six month mark and I can't pinpoint what I feel exactly. It almost (almost!!) makes me think about having another. : )


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