Thursday, November 1, 2012

Moe Currently

Listening: The Real Housewives of Miami - I don't really care for this one but it's on and I am ADDICTED to horrible reality TV

Eating: Nothing - But, Papa is making Thai Pork Sandwiches and I cannot wait! It smells Amazing

Drinking: Water! Life of the breastfeeding mama!

Wearing: Pre-Pregnancy sweats and my trusty black vneck

Feeling: Exhausted! We took Aub to Roy's softball game and that girl is on a mission, trying to be all big girl like and walk

Wanting: A massage..."Oh Roy!? Rub my back...?"

Needing: To shower : (

Thinking: About last night. Aubrey's first Halloween was fun. We went to my parent's house and helped pass out candy. Each Little that I saw I couldn't help but imagine what the next Halloween will look like.

My View: A messy photo!

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