Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Week 1

Monday 12/5

At 5:21 p.m. I hear her sweet, sweet cry. Life has changed in a moment and there are no words to describe the love that I have for my little girl. And to see the instant transformation in her Papa was the most amazing sight. More on that later.

Tuesday 12/6

We cannot get enough of this little girl. The nurse comes in and I walk around without being tangled in cords for the first time in 5 days. Visitors start to pour in and the amount of love that fills our room is overwhelming. I am so proud seeing everyone hold my little one and even more proud to know that I am her Mum.

Wednesday 12/7

Your due date! I am so thankful that you are already here and we celebrate your little life by being sent home. We keep asking each other "we get to keep her?" We fill out forms and Little Miss gets her hearing test and the OK from her pediatrician. Papa drives home so cautiously. We make it home to excited dogs and set up camp in the living room. It's still difficult getting around but we make it through the night.

Thursday 12/8

Little Miss' umbilical cord falls off. We spend the day watching terrible TV. My milk comes in....omg. Another day of feeding and diapers.

Friday 12/9

Our first the lactation consultant. She gives some pointers and she marvels over how attentive Papa is to Little Miss. We make our first attempt as a family in a public place and go out to eat. Success!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 12/10

We are confident that we can make another trip out into the real world - so we venture to WalMart to grab some essentials. She sleeps like a pro and Papa navigates through the Christmas shoppers like he's been a baby chauffeur all his life.

Sunday 12/11

Papa and I agree that we are going stir crazy - we decide to make a run for groceries. Typically it takes twice as long to get through the store because we have made friends with just about all of the employees and they love to touch the belly. We hadn't seen them in over a week and the employees we run into are shocked to see a little girl bundled close to my chest in her carrier. She gets her first bath. She loves being in the water but the second she comes out she cries like she did they first time we heard her. Momma tears up and apologizes profusely.

Monday 12/12

Happy one week birthday to Miss Aubrey - we hit the mall to shop for Christmas gifts for the people on our list but end up spending money on ourselves - terrible!

Aubrey Rose, you have changed my life forever. I love you.

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