Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Rabbit

Oh boy. I never pictured myself to be that mum but it turns out I am. I found out that the Easter Bunny was going to be at the local Bass Pro Shop and I surprised myself by how excited I became.
I immediately headed out to purchase a dress for my Monster.

We waited for over an hour. Aub fussed and cried and I was so sure that the photo would be one of those photos where the kid is struggling to get away and screaming like a maniac.
Instead I ended up with this:

Unfortunately, the Easter Bunny was not allowed to hold little ones so Roy and I got tossed into the photo. I was not prepared nor was I expecting it so the photos were NOT what I wanted.
However, I will be taking some of my own Easter photos on Thursday (hopefully).


  1. Thanks, Heather! I absolutely love taking photos of her : )


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