Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wasting Time

I love doing these things and since this lil 'ol blog of mine is mainly about my Bird I proudly present you with...
ABC's about me:
Age: 26

Bedsize: King

Chores that you hate: folding laundry, putting dishes away

Dogs: Roxy, the Pitbull Roy rescued. Charlie, the Yorkie. Oliver, the Wolfhound/terrier mix we rescued. Bruce, the Pitbull Roy rescued right off the street.
Essential start to your day:
 Breakfast and a Matcha shot

Favorite color: Pink, yellow, black and teal

Gold or Silver: Silver.

Height: 5'1''

Instruments you play:
 Oh boy, I am musically challenged! I can play a mean tambourine! 
Job title: Girlfriend, Mama, Store Manager

Kids: Aubrey Rose, 7.5 months and the four dogs mentioned above ; )

Live:  Southern California, about 45 minutes away from Los Angeles, with the goal to move to Oregon SOON!

Mother's name: Wendy

Nicknames: When I was little it was Risa. Nowadays most people just call me Moe; at work my employees call me Mama or Mama Moe

Overnight hospital stays:
 When I was induced. We were there for five long days!

Pet peeves: People that are rude for no reason at all. Being interrupted. People that cannot seem to drive properly and don't pay attention.

Quote from a movie or tv show: Yeah Buddy! - Jersey Shore. Yeah, I am embarrassed but we say it all the time at work!

Right or Lefty: Lefty!

Siblings: 1 younger sister, 1 younger brother and two younger sister both deceased.

Time you wake up: 4:30 during the week, Sunday/Monday whenever the baby wakes up

Underwear: Well, they aren't as cute as they were pre-baby but I am working on that. I always wear them, I am a nursing mama!

Vegetable you hate: Brussel Sprouts. 

What makes you run late:
 Other people. If not for others, I'm always early. 

X-Rays You’ve Had:
 A twisted ankle, once. The story is quite funny actually. I had fallen down some stairs at college because I was busy checking out a cute boy!

Yummy food you make:
 Yummy Mediterranean chicken and rice, roasted 
Zoo Animals: I love the Zoo! I love all animals.

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  1. Hey Lady! This is Abbey from Life As A Lake:) Would you email me at and I can give you the info on the post baby weight loss:) It would be lots of fun to have you along with us!


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