Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gotta Love It

Aubrey's seven month letter/photo shoot have been postponed due to this:
Aubrey has been sick. We are talking low grade fever, refusing to eat a couple of times, runny booger nose, drool for days and a slight cough. I don't know if it is a cold or if she is teething. Of course being the "I am Googling it right now" person that I am I know that the cold and teething have the same symptoms. 

It all happened so quickly. On the Fourth of July she was as happy as can be and we went to go hang out with some close family friends. Some of our friends who also have children were there as well. I noticed that their little one had a bit of a runny nose. Now, I know that I cannot keep my little Bird in a bubble forever but I am kicking myself for not putting two and two together when the kids were touching and playing with Aubrey. 

Ugh, the last two days have been awful. Thursday I got two hours of sleep and then had to get up and work a ten hour shift. Last night I felt like we reverted back to when Aub was first born, up every single hour. Fortunately I have a long weekend due to the holiday so we have been trying every holistic approach to teething and colds. 

Today she woke up and had snot for days to which I tried to suction out. Let me tell you, that girl is a fighter! She tried with all of her might to push my hands away, she hates the booger getter!

This is what we got after an amazing hour and a half long nap:
You cannot deny that that is a SMILE, guys!

Note the HUGE pile of laundry that needs to be folded and put away

Look at all of that drool!
Fingers crossed that she is getting better. Hopefully I can get her letter and shoot done and posted soon!

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