Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Bug

As Aubrey creeps closer and closer to the big FIRST birthday it seems that I have been bitten by a pesky little big. You know the one. The bug that kicks you in the pants out of the blue when you think you are just fine with what you have. The one that makes you oooh and ahhh and reminisce. The one that doubles you over with a sharp kick in the ovaries. The one that presses you to want to get it on with your ever so hott lover....

Baby fever.

Yes. Friends, I am letting you know now that I am sick with Baby Fever and while I don't think I am contagious it seems like it is spreading like wildfire in this house.

I miss this:
And this:

Whoa, Nelly.

I had been feeling it a little bit before we left on vacation. I would mention it here and there about how nice it would be to have another squishy infant in the house. But it hit me the hardest about three days in on our trip in San Francisco.

And it doesn't help that all I pretty much read are baby blogs and that some of my friends are expecting and constantly post photos on Facebook. 

It's all I can do not to think about having more babies. Even Roy mentioned that it would be nice to have another.....Grrrr. We were outside at his Granny's house looking up at the night sky when he kissed me - I told him he needed to back off because I am in serious baby mode and I was not joking around. So tell me why he chooses that moment to continue on and whisper in my ear that he was too?

We are not trying. Well....we really aren't preventing but at the same time we are cautious. Make sense? If it doesn't please don't ask ; )

Simply put now just isn't the time. There are other things we need to take care of like getting a bigger house and a bigger car. Things that aren't necessarily necessary for having baby number two but would make things a little bit easier and comfortable. 

Is the only cure for this to have another baby? 

Now, I must get back to Pinning on my Baby Number Two board!

Until next time...

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