Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Big Day!

Dear Baby,

Tomorrow we find out what you are! I am so excited, it literally feels like it is going to be Christmas time and I am waiting up to take a peek at Santa Claus' delivery.

Everyone is curious to know what you are - I have a super long list of people to text and call prior to making the announcement on Facebook. Most people think that you are a boy - I would have to agree. However, if you are a little girl I wouldn't would be funny to see your daddy get wrapped around your finger! Although he denies that such a thing would happen I know that if it were announced that you are a girl, it would take him .21 seconds to fall instantly head over heels for his little princess.

Auntie Em will be tagging along to be the first to know! She is just as excited as I am to hear the news. She took tomorrow off just to make sure she could be there. That girl loves you so much already. She is also the only one who swears that you are a girl....if you are you are in for a real treat, Auntie Em is the fashionista of the family. It wouldn't surprise me if her next two checks were devoted to all of the girly clothes for you.

Please cooperate tomorrow - mama is itching to start you nursery and plan for your shower(s).

I love you and cannot wait to see just how big you've grown!



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  1. how exciting! sooo..what is it?!


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