Monday, September 12, 2011


Today we hit the 28 mark (according to medicine, at least, I happen to think we are several days behind, whatev!). Today marks the first day of our last trimester and I am beyond out of my mind amazed that we are already here.

There are no words to explain the feelings running through me. I simply cannot believe that in as little as 8 weeks Aubrey could be here. She could be here, sitting next to me. Or here in my arms. Panda is napping away next to me and I cannot imagine Aubrey sleeping on his chest - not that I don't want to, its more like even though I can feel her moving in me and I hear her heartbeat at the doctor mind can wrap around the fact that she will be coming out of me. In my own way I almost don't want her to come out. But we will save that for another post.

Watching Aubrey move around inside of me is another indescribable feeling. Up until today, Aubrey had very distinct schedule. Every three hours she would wiggle around like their was a wild party going on in my uterus for about 30 minutes and then she would simmer down and move a few times here and there. Her "party times" were usually around 9, 12, 6, 6. This morning I awoke to her bouncing around at 4:30 a.m. so I woke up and peed and then promptly decided that it was a great time for a blueberry bagel and a large glass of orange juice. I thought I would be able to get right back to sleep but I was so wrong. She wiggled and danced for a bit then quieted down. She started back up at 6:30....I have lost track of her pattern because it seems like every 30 minutes she kicks and wiggles and sometimes it kind of hurts!

I don't know what it is but suddenly I feel like there are so many things to write about. Maybe its the fact that I know shes coming and I want to get everything out of my head, heart and soul and into a place where I can leave it so it won't mull around in my head. I have created a running list of things that I want to blog about. However, I have learned my lesson in vowing to keep this thing up. Hopefully my plan will stick.

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