Sunday, September 11, 2011


Dear Aubrey,

Yesterday we went to the LA county fair. We had deep fried twinkies, snickers and oreos. I think you liked them because you danced and wiggled in my belly every time I finished a bite.

Your grandma and grandpa were asked to work at the fair and they brought some of their goats and calves and other little babies. Grandma was giving a demonstration on milking goats and we got to see her first performance! She was so nervous before she went on but she did just fine. A lot of people gathered around to hear her talk and a few even asked to try their hand at milking. You could see how proud daddy was of her, it was so cute.

We walked and walked and walked. I can tell you are getting bigger because I would need to sit and rest every 30 minutes or so. Thankfully I was able to sit down right as daddy and our friends would want to go look at something or get another beer.

Daddy rode the mechanical bull! I wish I had recorded it - he looked like a true bull rider! The people were crowding around to watch him. He lasted on the bull for awhile! The crowd loved him so much that he was offered another ride for free!

It was so much fun!

Every time daddy would see a little kid his face would light up and he would say, "next year we get to bring Aubrey here." He is just so excited for your arrival! He cannot wait to show you all kinds of things. You are one lucky little girl!

I love you more than words,



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