Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Dear Third Trimester,

Please stop kicking my ass. Don't you know that I am not one to sit down and rest? I'm an on the go kind of gal and when I come home from a 10+ hour work day I don't want to go to sleep for a couple of hours I want to clean and fix up Aubrey's room.

Oh, and can you please tell your partners in crime Backache and Pelvic Pain to go suck it? I know being uncomfortable is part of the package but I made it sooooo far without those two - I am a stubborn woman (who is quickly learning that I cannot always fight back). Tell them they can come back in 8 weeks when I go on maternity leave. For now, I want to be able to work all day and then come home and clean like a mad woman.

I will admit, there is one positive to your residency in my body - Panda has been the one cooking and cleaning. I should be thankful, I know, but there's that pesky little brother of yours, Nesting, getting in my way.

If you guys could just back off for a little while I would totally appreciate it.



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