Friday, March 9, 2012

3 Months

My dearest Aubrey Rose (Little Monster),
This post is about 4 days late but better late than never, right? 
My beautiful girl, you never cease to amaze me. 
There are a few new things you have added to your repertoire...
- You coo so much! I love having conversations with you because you look like you totally understand what I am telling you. Your emotions match the topics we discuss and I think it is one of the cutest things in the whole wide world!
- You drool a TON! I used to be one of those girls that would say I would never, ever let a baby drool on me. Little did I know:
~ You would drool on me all day and it wouldn't bother me a single bit
~ You would spit up on my clothes and in my hair and I wouldn't bat an eye as I wipe it up
~ You would pee on me (several times)!

- You do not like having a wet diaper, at all! 
- You are starting to look me in the eye when I feed you. Sometimes you smile and milk comes spilling out of your mouth.
- You are a loud eater! I think it's funny when I breastfeed you in public because you smack so loudly that it sometimes makes others uncomfortable. But I am so proud to be a breastfeeding mum that I do not care!
- You love to sit in the Bumbo. I have quickly learned that if I need to get something done that I had better not lay you down on the floor because you much prefer your little purple seat!
- You have giggled a couple of times and it makes my heart m-e-l-t. I don't think I have worked so hard at something because I love the sound of your giggle.
- You just started to enjoy your playmat. You stare up at the turtle and talk to him. You are starting to grab for the little toys dangling above you. 
You grasp onto your rattle and get amazed when you shake it.
When you are doing Tummy Time you are starting to kick your feet and wiggle around the mat. 

- Your eyes are still blue and you are still very fair skinned. I finally googled the blue eye trait and it turns out that both your papa and I have blue eyes somewhere in our families.
- Your hair is starting to get texture! Whenever I wash your hair it curls right up. 
- You prefer to sleep on your tummy. Whenever you are napping on your belly I check you obsessively because I am so afraid that you will stop breathing. I had a sister pass away from SIDS and that is one of my biggest fears. I am so attached to you I do not know what I would do if something happened to you.

I cannot get enough of you.
 I love the way you smell. 
I recently started back at work and I start counting down the time as soon as I clock in. I am so thankful that I am the manager because my team members understand that unless there is a serious, pressing issue I clock out right on time and am out the door no later than 5 minutes after the end of my shift. I have to get home to my baby!
Since coming back to work so many customers have asked about you. 
You have received gifts from people you have never even met. 
I keep your pictures in my office and get incredibly excited to show them off to whoever asks.

I love you more than a million red sour patch kids.
I can't wait to see what this month brings!

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