Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Meet Oliver:
Water Dog
Oliver's First Day

-He is a three year old, (what we believe to be) Irish Wolfhound mix that we adopted from the local animal shelter.
- In the beginning he had a horrible case of Kennel Cough and to be extremely honest I did not care for him at all.
- Out of all of the animals he is the coolest pet that I have ever had.
- He would be an awesome therapy dog; if only I had more time.
Meet Oliver
- He has such personality.
- When he wakes up he has to stretch out so s-l-o-w-l-y and we will make this sound that is best described as a "feelin' good" howl.
- He is the hugest klutz in the whole wide world when it comes to doing anything except for running.
- When he runs he looks like he is floating
- If any of the other dogs are getting pet he HAS to be right there next to them and will stop at nothing to be pet too. This includes putting his two front paws on top of the other dog!

- He can jump as tall as the 8 ft fence around our house
- One time he jumped over said fence and got caught. Luckily a neighbor was outside and helped him down.
- If he wants your attention he will rest his face on you and either peek up at you from beneath his scraggly hair or sigh until you look at him.
- When he is invited to come on the bed he will at first jump and perch on the edge of the bed like a bird.

- He is very agile
- He takes treats very seriously

Typical Oliver face
- He takes going Bye Bye very, very seriously. So much so that if he even hears the jingle of a set of keys he is up and ready at the door.
- He is great to take on solo trips because he will sit in the front seat and stare out of the window

- He is incredibly intelligent
- He can open the front door
- He is now my best little buddy
- He was afraid of Aubrey at first but he is finally starting to warm up to her

Up next we will have Bruce!
Until next time....

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