Friday, May 11, 2012


Has it really been five days since my last update? Sheesh! It wasn't even a good one, just a "Wordless" post!

Ay, I know I have been complaining a lot of exhaustion -
 that is still very much the case with my lack of posting. I have been so tired I haven't even taken Monster's five month photo session yet!

Here is a recap of the last week:
  • Aub turned five months
  • Roy and I celebrated our five year anniversary
  • I had a work meeting at which I found out that my store was #1 in my district, #2 in my region and #4 in the entire company for the first quarter! 
  • Tried (Ha!) to get Aub to sleep in her own it horrible that I miss her next to me?
  • I have contemplated getting back into running - it was like my religion, my go to for whatever emotion I was feeling. Therapy, if you will.
  • My incision started hurting whenever I would laugh, sneeze or cough. It only last a couple of days
And that is pretty much it! Not a whole lot of fun stuff going on over here.
I am psyched to celebrate my first Mother's Day on Sunday. I  decided the best way to celebrate is to do nothing at all.

In all honesty, I have been wanting to blog and I have come up with some great topics, or so I think. But you know, I always think of them while I am at work and I NEVER EVER take the time to write them down : (
Boo, Moe. I need to fix that!
Until next time....

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