Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Time....

...To return to Meltdown Mondays with Mama.

I am tired of looking at myself in the mirror and HATING what I see. I know that I am five months postpartum but for someone who used to work out five days a week and run up to ten miles at a time it is difficult to see what I see.
I asked Roy what he thought of my body now and his reply was, "you are still beautiful to me and I love the way your body looks but it isn't the same." He didn't mean for it to hurt but the words stung.
I am very sensitive by nature and I am my own worst critic so I let the words marinate for a bit and did not like the outcome.
So I went and bought this:
Baby Trend Expedition Swivel Jogging Stroller - Quartz JG94720
And these:
<em>SAUCONY</em> Grid Flex Women's <em>Running Shoe</em>, Black/Pink - 9.0
A few of these:
Womens <em>Bally</em> Lot Of 2 Gray Red High Impact <em>Sports Bra</em> Size L 36c \ 38b
And those:
Nike <em>Woman</em> Legend Capri <em>Workout Pants</em> - Black 3X
Then I went on Pinterest and pinned a few things like this:
workout workout workout
And lastly I downloaded this onto my phone:

I decided that Monday would be The Day. I woke up excited to know that that day I was starting on my path to getting my body back.
Later that evening I strapped the baby in and headed off to the park nearby. I had Pandora blasting in my headphones, the Couch to 5k app running and I was headed out the door.
Keep in mind, I have not gone on a serious run in about two years.
It. Felt. Amazing.
Granted, my run went like so:
run for one minute, walk for 90 seconds.
Maneuvering the jogging stroller was a little bit difficult and it was about 90 degrees outside but I felt good, you guys. Like, better than good. I felt free.
I haven't felt that in forever.
And yesterday I kept thinking to myself, "Ooooh, I get to run tomorrow!" I really think that it is working.
And, tonight Roy wanted to come along. The last time we went running together it ended with Roy running backwards and me stomping off. But tonight he was amazing. So encouraging and uplifting. He kept tell me how great I was doing and that he was so proud of me.
So here's to the new mama! Let's see what happens in eight weeks!
Hopefully by that time I will feel more comfortable of posting the before and afters.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It feels so good to be doing something for myself!

  2. I feel you! When Rowan was little(r) I looooooved putting her in the stroller to run because she was strapped in/occupied and I had "time to myself." I love how C25k is a progression too! I know you commented before to ask some questions about running but your email address was "no reply" so if you have any questions- let me know!!

    1. It feels amazing! Annnd, it is even more awesome because I do not feel guilty about leaving her behind!

  3. and PS my husband has done the run circles around me thing too and I wanted to punch him in the throat haha

    1. Oh thank goodness! I thought I was the only one that that would happen to! I sincerely could have killed him that day. He thought it was sooo freakin' funny and it wasn't.


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