Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's all (Fenu)Greek to Me

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One of my biggest mommy fears has taken life in front of my eyes.

My milk supply has dropped.

It is our busiest season at work which means that there isn't as much time for me to pump anymore. Then, the other day I decided to take a peek at our frozen milk stash in the freezer and was horrified by what I saw. There were only five bags of milk left. FIVE. I had pumped and saved religiously for months and all we had were five bags.
 Wanna talk about a meltdown? I called Roy, of course....the poor guy, bless his heart. I was blubbering nonsense over the phone trying to explain what was happening and guess what? He understood every single word.

My theory is that his mother and my sister (who watch Aub) are "comfort feeding" her. Why do I think this? Because when I am with Aubrey she will only eat every three hours at the least. So, if she eats about 3-4 ounces at a time and I am only gone for about 10 hours and I feed her right before I leave she shouldn't be eating more than the six bottles I leave for the day.

I am so upset.

So who do I turn to? Google, of course. Good ol' Google suggested Fenugreek so off I trekked to the local GNC for two bottles of this stuff:

And a box of this:

I have been taking the Fenugreek 3-4 three times a day and let me tell you, I really think this stuff works!

Before when I was at work I wouldn't feel "full" until about 1 p.m. now, if I don't pump by 10 a.m. I am hurtin'. I used to only pump once, maybe twice per day. Now I have to pump three times. While I am not quite up to the point of being able to freeze more than one bag a day I am getting there.

Hopefully I can continue to rebuild my supply. I would feel horrible if I had to quit breastfeeding and give Aub formula. Not that I look down on those that do use formula, it has been my goal to BF Aub until she was at least a year old. Actually, I want to do the Baby Led Weaning, so keep your fingers crossed, friends!

In less than ten days Aub will turn six months so we will begin feeding her baby cereal and veggies and fruits so I should be able to continue to pump and freeze.

Now, for a photo dump!


  1. You have such a cute little family. Happy 6 months to your baby in 10 days.Newest follower.

  2. Glad its working for you! I'll keep this post in mind for when I have kids!

  3. Stopping by from Mom Blog Monday to say HI! Your daughter is adorable.


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