Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet the Family

We have a rather large family. We actually had four dogs before we got pregnant.
 My dogs are my fur-babies and in the days before Aubrey we would take them everywhere we could. Our dogs know what it means when we say "we're going on a bye-bye." They will line up by the door and wait. I buy them treats and bones and chews like it's no one's business.
 And, yes, I do dress them up (occasionally!)

In order to build an "About" section I am going to feature each fur-baby over the course of the next week!
I am super excited to introduce the members of my family!
But a brief overview:
  • We have two Pitbulls, a Yorkie and (what we think is) an Irish Wolfhound mix.
  • Two were rescued from the shelter
  • One was rescued right off the street 
  • Our babies names are: Roxy, Charlie, Oliver and Bruce
Stay tuned!!

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