Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet Roxy

Roy Rescued Roxy from the shelter when she was two years old. She is about seven years old now. She is my first Pitbull and I cannot say enough good things about this little girl. 
^This is a typical Roxy face
She is such a lover. 
She loves all things tiny and will 'baby' anything small that comes her way.
If Aubrey is crying Roxy is the first to reach her. She sniffs her and tries to lick her face. 
 I often wonder what kind of family she came from and why they would give her up because she is such a kind, loving dog. 
She is also a great protector. 

Proof Pits are NOT endangering my Monster!
Do not let her sweet little smile fool you, she does not hesitate to let us know when someone is passing by our gates. I wouldn't doubt for a second that she would protect us if anyone meaning harm crossed her path. 

She is also very, very lazy.
 She loves getting on the couch and often gets a stern talking to for doing so. 
When Roy leaves for work early in the morning she will wait until she hears the gate close and then jump up on my bed to sleep at my feet.
She snores. 
She loves treats.
And going "bye bye."
I call her Roxy Hart (like in Chicago) because she has a heart shaped patch on her head. You can kind of see it in the photo above.
Do not let her size fool you, either. 
This dog can jump up high enough to pass a six foot fence. 
She can also climb fences. 
Basically, she is an escape artist. We have caught her quite a few times trying to get out to roam the streets.

Up next we will have Charlie.
Stay tuned!

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