Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Photo a Day and Some 'News'

So, I have been interested in doing the Project 365 where you take a photo a day. And while most people started January 1st, I hemmed and hawed and procrastinated and thought of a billion reasons why NOT to do it when I found a blog where she posts monthly photo challenges. I figured I would start there.
I still need to take my photo. I will post it tonight. Now onto some "news." I have always wanted to be SAHM or even a WAHM and this maternity leave has given me an opportunity to try my hand at it. I would say about 98% of the time I LOVE being home with my little Monster and four WiggleButts (my dogs), but there is that 2% of the time where I am itching to get out. I am very fortunate in that Roy understands and can sense (for the most part) when I need to have some "mommy" time. And when I get that hour or so I come back feeling like I just returned from a vacation. I feel like I can be a SAHM and Roy wants to be able to have me stay home. If Roy made enough money we would be able to have me stay home. Unfortunately, we live in Southern California where the cost of living is absolutely ridiculous so I have to go back to work. ....We (Roy) may have a new job opportunity that would allow me to fulfill my dream of staying at home as a girlfriend and mother. The only drawbacks are that: 1. Roy would be working with a good friend of his. While I believe that friendship and business can mix and mix well, I do also believe that it can get very sticky, very fast. 2. We would be moving to Texas. Roy and I both love the idea of moving out of state and having a fresh start, however (most) our family is here is California. Both sets of grandparents are within 20 minutes of our house so I know both sides would be upset. And it's not just being a SAHM that makes this so appealing. As mentioned above, we both like the idea of moving to another state and starting over. The school system here in California isn't a place that I would want Aubrey to be educated. I have yet to do any research on Texas' school system but I am sure we can find something decent out there. It breaks my heart that we would be leaving our family behind. To think of how they will feel if we do decide to make the jumps hurts even more. I know that we both have to think of what is best for our little family but it is a little scary and nerve wracking. The good thing is that it isn't too far of a drive to come back home for a visit. If we were to drive nonstop it would only take about 20 hours to get there which is doable right now because Aubrey is still so young. Plus, with technology today it wouldn't be hard to keep in touch with everyone. There's the phone, e-mail, facebook, skype, etc. so it's not like we wouldn't be able to see everyone. *sigh* There's still a lot to talk about...and think over. Would you guys take a chance and move?

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