Monday, January 30, 2012

Meltdown Mondays with Mama

Photo for this week...
While I feel better about my body...I still look pregnant I was a bit discouraged by this sight so I forewent my measurements. I did the Shred 6 days this week. It is starting to get easier. Eating is something I have always struggled with(unfortunately eating is about 80%). Awhile back my sister mentioned the book "Eating Clean" and last night I bought it. I finished it this afternoon (I skimmed a lot of the information on exercising and the different diseases/disorders that it covered. The book made a lot of sense - we should only be eating things that are natural and things that haven't been tampered with by chemicals and processing. So this afternoon I went through all of our cabinets and pantry and threw all of the "bad" stuff away. This is what it looked like:
Gross! Now our pantry and cabinets look pretty bare so it looks like tomorrow will be grocery day. And now for a dose of cuteness:
The love of my life!

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