Monday, January 16, 2012

A case of the Mondays...

Well....I totally had this great idea for a Monday series that I wanted to start this morning. But you know how it is taking care of four dogs, a baby and a household :)

I know, I know: "Moe, excuses are like...." I get it.

Moving forward.

Today marked the 6th week after giving birth to Aubrey meaning Operation get Your Body Back.

First a few stats:

I gained 25 pounds with Aubrey I was 179 the evening I checked into the hospital. I have yet to look at the scale since then, I have a serious issue with numbers on the scale which we can all discuss later.

As of this morning my body looks like this:

Bust - 40 inches

Waist - 35 inches

Hips - 39.5 inches

Biceps -12 inches

Thighs - 27 inches

I'm still rocking my maternity pants because I don't want to face the bitter truth about my pants size. I lied. I tried on pants the other day and I fit into a 10. So I have still been rocking the maternity pants. : (

Ugh, not a pretty picture in my mind.

In my ideal world I would be wearing a size 4.

Anyway. I have chosen the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.

My goal is to post on my progress every Monday which will include a "weigh in" (measurements) and how I have been eating. I should include a picture but Aub is screaming at the top of her lungs --- I must feed. Picture tomorrow.

I think I need a name for this new Monday series ---- suggestions?



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