Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aubrey Rose Part 3

....There is only one more part after this, I promise!

The next morning Merisa came back and I was so thankful because I felt so comfortable with her.

The day went as followed:

I was put on an all liquid diet because I was having a baby that day and we all know how the hospitals don’t want you to nourish your body with anything but ice chips.

I was checked and I was at about 2 cm and still contracting every 2 minutes or so.

The doctor came in and said I was contracting too frequently so they gave me a pill to slow them down. I was still contracting on my own a few hours later so I was given another pill to slow them down some more.

Family and a few friends start to arrive. Roy’s mother insists that she will be there for the delivery and acts incredibly offended when Roy tells her otherwise.

………………………that’s about it.

Aubrey’s heartrate was acting weird which required me to stay in bed the whole time! I was only allowed to lie on my sides – Aubrey hated when I was on my right side so I was only to lie on that side for 10 minutes at a time, the rest of the time I was on my left. My body ached.

Around 6 p.m. my families arrived right as Merisa came in to tell me my doctor requested that I get up and try walking the halls to get Aubrey to move down. I was allowed to walk for one hour and then I was to be on the fetal monitor for ½ an hour. Merisa suggested that I walk and then be monitored and then if I wanted to I could shower. I was so excited! I had been lying in bed for over 24 hours with the only movement being getting up to pee – I could not get unhooked and into my slippers quick enough! Roy and Emily (my little sister) came with me. The first couple of minutes I needed to hold on to Roy because I was a little shaky. I came back to be hooked back up only to discover that her heartrate dropped. No more walking….my doctor was notified and I was then denied my shower. I was super bummed!

I was allowed to have a bed bath. At first I was not happy but once the nurse rubbed my back and neck I felt so much better and I could not stop thanking her.

They gave me some Benadryl for my itching and another round of the pill to slow my contractions. I fell asleep so quickly! Around 3 a.m. I needed to pee and once I got back into bed I couldn’t fall back asleep. My nurse asked if I wanted to sit up. I thought she meant in bed and I started to refuse but then she said she would bring me a little foot stool and a warm blanket and set me up in a chair. I took it. I sat up for 4 hours. I watched Aubrey’s heart and my contractions. I watched Roy sleep. I tried to take everything in.

Sunday morning:

7 a.m. the doctor comes in and says that if I am feeling patient enough that he will allow me to labor some more with the Cytotec or that I could go ahead with a C-section. Right as I am about to answer Roy wakes up…

I was about to say, “Just gut me like a fish, I want to be done.”

But Roy jumps up and says “No C-section! Remember our plan? You can do this baby, we are getting there! She will come”

My head wasn’t in the game. I wanted out. I wanted to be done; I was tired of the guessing game. My guess was that she would have been here by now and the contractions were getting the best of me. I was ready to give it all up – no more laboring without drugs, no more toughing it out, no more putting on the happy face.

I chose to wait it out. She had to come today; she had to. I told the doctor I was patient and I flashed my most realistic smile. He told me I could take the Cytotec up to 6 times and that I hadn’t met my limit.

So we I forged on.

Merisa came in and told me that she was the charge nurse that day but that she would be my nurse because I liked her and she liked me. : )

When my doctor and nurse walked out I lost it. I turned back on my side and cried. I wanted to go home. I missed my dogs. I missed my bed. I missed life –

I had my breakfast of clear liquids and continued to contract ever 2-3 minutes with the contractions lasting a minute or so.

Roy went out to grab something to eat.

I contracted. We hung out and kept everyone updated.

We got the remaining doses of Cytotec.

My contractions became more intense. I visualized my body opening up and Aubrey moving down. There were contractions that I had to concentrate and breathe through. Things were moving along.


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